Tovuti Rahisi – website made easy

‘Made in Germany’: the easiest way to make the most out of the present Tanzanian internet-boom!

Using the new Tovuti Rahisi webkit, you can operate your own website with personal address and e-mail – all by yourself. This website was set-up to demonstrate how it works. Thus let’s imagine a fictitious company based in Dar es Salaam, dealing with computer hardware:

? Welcome/karibu at the website of COMPANY Ltd.! ??

Everyday the hard-working citizens of Dar es Salaam are stuck in the traffic-jam for hours, ☹ bored to death, trying to find something interesting on their smartphones. But whyever would these potential customers like to surf websites that don’t fit on their small screens? ?

+++ The first solution to perfectly work on smartphones +++

Google will down-rank each website
which is not “mobile friendly” – read more.

Besides its superior technical design, the Tovuti Rahisi webkit makes the process of posting your content online as simple as writing an e-mail:

  1. ? Log-in;
  2. Use the editor, as comfortable as Microsoft Word;
  3. ? Save it, done!

Learn all about our web-kit’s features at ‘Concept‘ in the header-menu and its sub-menus.