Fasta Fasta

Access-speed is what matters most

We all know, that the internet in Bongoland works with less speed and reliability than in developed countries. Therefore any online-information should be presented following the KISS-principle – “Keep It Short and Simple“.

1. Split your content into bite-sized portions by using an interesting content break-up!

Whyever are most Tanzanian websites overloaded with content on a single page? Users get bored with waiting until the final structures appear on their screen. Better serve them small, fast loading units. Send them on a click-expedition to discover your most valuable bargains.

2. Abstain from useless but processor-power and bandwidth consuming effects!

Gimmicks like Flash-animations are long out of fashion; they might look cool at first sight, but for a frequent visitor they become a nuisance. Animations can consume megabits of your internet-bundle and as much as 33 percent of your device’s battery potential – that’s why Apple Inc. banned Flash.

Don’t let fancy but useless computer-code stand between the user and his/her access to your information! In the foreseeable future Tanzanians will not buy online and pay with credit-card. The ultimate objective of your website is therefore to motivate online-visitors to pay a real visit to your shop – with money in the pocket and buying-intention at heart.

Breaking News 09/10/2015:

Apparently the good guys ? at Google noted, that many websites load awfully slow on smartphones, accessed via mobile-network – ? because too much data is transferred! ? Even my grandmother could have told them, that all these fancy ? graphic-effects and ? pop-ups attribute to ? payload and eat-up the user’s internet-bundle in no time. ?

? Now they suggest to follow some kind of Best Practices and determine a standard which they call Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Their directives are CSS yes, Javascript no, Analytics only via static tracking-pixel, advertisement only inside iframe.

In a nutshell: the geeks just arrive where the Tovuti Rahisi webkit is since 2014! ?