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‘Made in Germany’: the easiest way to make the most out of the present Tanzanian internet-boom!

Using the new Tovuti Rahisi webkit, you can operate your own website with personal address and e-mail – all by yourself. This website was set-up to demonstrate how it works. Thus let’s imagine a fictitious company based in Dar es Salaam, dealing with computer hardware:

? Welcome/karibu at the website of COMPANY Ltd.! ??

Everyday the hard-working citizens of Dar es Salaam are stuck in the traffic-jam for hours, ☹ bored to death, trying to find something interesting on their smartphones. But whyever would these potential customers like to surf websites that don’t fit on their small screens? ?

+++ The first solution to perfectly work on smartphones +++

Google will down-rank each website
which is not “mobile friendly” – read more.

Besides its superior technical design, the Tovuti Rahisi webkit makes the process of posting your content online as simple as writing an e-mail:

  1. ? Log-in;
  2. Use the editor, as comfortable as Microsoft Word;
  3. ? Save it, done!

Learn all about our web-kit’s features at ‘Concept‘ in the header-menu and its sub-menus.


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Connecting Website & WhatsApp:

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Viral Marketing

uses the most popular messaging services to spread your advertisement ‘like a virus’. Just tap one of the buttons below and your message & link is transferred directly to your smartphone’s messenger-app. There choose a recipient (add a comment if you like) and hit the send-button!

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TCRA: Public Notice

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) asks you “to contribute to the national revenue” by registering and using .tz domains. As determined by highest authority, we are now able to distinguish between 3 classes of online-businesses:

  1. ?an honest wananchi, complying with rules and regulations, cheating-factor 0%-30% ?
  2. ? maybe somebody just pretending international reputation? What else might be fake? ☹
  3. ? beware of freeriders, no money, trying to avoid payments when ever possible! ?

TCRA’s Public Notice, as printed in Daily News on 1st June 2016 (click image to enlage):